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Global FS Regulatory

We help small companies with regulatory services for foods, beverages, supplements, and cosmetics that are intended to be exported mainly to the United States, also Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America or under MERCOSUL agreement. Our services are based on a simply model of direct communication with step-by-step orientation so that you can have confidence before or during your exportations to these regions.

About Us
Global FS Regulatory

Global FS Regulatory is an organization strategically located in Florida, US that aims to globally connect with foreign facilities through the best approach model, giving them the confidence of representation in the regulatory processes required by the FDA to trade foods, beverages, supplements and cosmetics into the United States.

Quiénes somos
Who we are

A new concept of regulatory services.


To help food industry with regulatory issues and make the exportation process easier by using the best face to face services.


To offer services of tangible values to our clients through technical expertise in regulatory matter.

  • We act with integrity Inclusion
  • Without discrimination
  • We act objectively
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Professional ethics

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